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Prices increase on 1 September. Enrol today at our current pricing!

Prices increase on 1 September. Enrol today at our current pricing!

Course Accreditation

The Certificate in Educational and Clinical Art Therapy is part of a Diploma in Educational and Clinical Art Therapy. If you choose to continue your study after the certificate program (10 online modules) aiming for a Diploma in Educational and Clinical Art Therapy, you’ll need to complete another 5 online modules.

Professional Associations

For graduates who wish to be part of a growing professional association, there are several options.

Students who finish their studies with a diploma from CECAT are able to apply for a full professional membership with the Australian Community Counselling Association (ACCA) once they are working as a counsellor/ art therapist. The Australian Community Counselling Association is an Affiliated Organisation member with the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA). Some of our diploma students have also successfully applied with the British Art Therapy Association to become Associate (Overseas) Members.

Alternatively, students who have successfully completed the Certificate in Art Therapy can become members with the Holistic Health Associates International (HHAI) or apply for an Affiliate membership with ANZACATA.

While memberships are certainly valuable, they are not mandatory. Many practitioners in Australia are not affiliated with any particular organisation. Regardless of your choice, you can start working as an art therapist in Australia after graduating from the Certificate Course.

After graduation with the certificate or diploma from CECAT, students are also able to apply for a professional indemnity and public liability insurance if they choose to work in private practice. We recommend contacting AON or TherapySure (Combined Professional Indemnity (PI) & Public Liability (PL) Insurance for Complementary Medical Practitioners in Australia).

For each course, our students can claim 6 hours per day continuous professional development (CPD) with the Australian Psychological Society (APS), the Australian Association of Psychologists Inc (AAPi), the Australian, New Zealand and Asian Creative Arts Therapies Association (ANZACATA), the Australian Community Counselling Association (ACCA), the Australian Counselling Association (ACA), the Counsellors & Psychotherapists Association (CAPA) , the Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW) and the Australian College of Mental Health Nurse.

If your association is not listed here, it is most likely that they will also recognise our courses for your professional development.

Students can claim 6 hours per day Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

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Determining a Course’s Credibility

Nothing can ever guarantee a course’s value as 100% foolproof, but there are several things that can indicate credibility. Consider the following checklist below. Courses that check on more counts are likely to be more credible than those that match less.

  • Quality of staff. Consider the qualifications of the staff and the quality of their experience.
  • The age of the organisation. How well established is the institution?
  • Graduate success. Satisfied and successful graduates are the most certain indicator of a course’s value.
  • Any credible educational centre, college or university will present its credentials and associations and memberships clearly.

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