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Overview of Courses

Along with our Introductory Course, we run a Certificate Course and a Diploma Course, and we offer a Master Class for continuous professional development (CPD).

You’ll find an overview of our courses below. Use the Quicklinks to jump between sections.

2-Day Introductory Intensive

The 2-Day Introductory Intensive is an enriching on-campus experience for all those who work, or would like to work, with children, adolescents and adults in the practice of art therapy.

It provides an engaging and inspiring first taste of art therapy. The learning experience is multiplied by group interaction with your fellow students. In fact, many students describe it as life-changing and career-shaping and fall in love with art therapy here and there. It is not an ordinary introduction, but an intensive experience of art therapy.

Pre-reading will be emailed to registrants.

Over two days, participants will draw, paint and be introduced step-by-step to the concepts involved in art therapy. Both days focus on strength-based art therapy (positive psychology) and provide an overview of the practical application of art therapy in the workplace. You will be able to discover an early childhood resource from your unconscious on day one! Day two will take you to a place of noticing and owning inner strengths which you have only seen in others so far.

The Introductory Intensive gives participants a chance to decide if they wish to further their study and pursue a career as an art therapist. It provides an important foundation for studying art therapy and is highly recommended ahead of enrolling in the online Certificate and Diploma Courses.

Online Introduction Course

If you reside outside of Australia and are unable to attend the 2-Day Introductory Intensive, we suggest doing the Introduction Course.

The Introduction Course is an online self-study module designed primarily for international students who cannot participate in the 2-Day Introductory Intensive. It offers the student a first taste of the benefits of art therapy and it includes practical applications to ensure that you get a good sense of whether art therapy is a career path worth exploring further.

If you’re a practicing therapist, it will give you a few ideas for your clients, too.

If you reside in Australia, please do the 2-Day Introductory Intensive.

Online Certificate and Diploma Courses

(Includes Intensive on Campus)

Online Certificate Course

Students typically complete the 10 modules of the online Certificate Course in 6-12 months of part-time study in their own time before attending the 5-Day Intensive on campus. This is the recommended learning pathway for a comprehensive education.

For those unable to attend the 5-day on-campus Intensive, we suggest adding 10 Zoom meetings to your online studies.

See Course Details for costs and options and for the dates and locations of our Intensives.

Once students have graduated, they are eligible to enrol into the Diploma Course. This supports a more rounded and in-depth education, especially if your aim is to work with the clinical population—often people whose relationships are seriously threatened and whose life has become so complicated that they feel the need to see an art therapist.

Online Diploma Course

The Diploma Course includes a further 5 modules completed typically in 3-6 months of additional part-time study and a 3-Day Intensive on campus. Again, this is the recommended learning pathway for a comprehensive education.

For those unable to attend the 3-day on-campus Intensive, we suggest adding 5 Zoom meetings to your online studies.

Please Note

The Diploma Course is a continuation of the Certificate Course. The Certificate Course must be completed first before starting the Diploma Course. In other words, to receive a Diploma from CECAT, you need to complete all 15 modules (10 Certificate Course modules and 5 Diploma Course modules).

See Course Details for costs and options and for the dates and and locations of our Intensives.

CECAT’s art therapy training courses offer students far-reaching opportunities to learn and experience a range of verbal and non-verbal art therapy approaches, as well as therapeutic interventions used in a range of educational and clinical settings. The training focuses on unconscious processes and how they can be utilised in combination with evidence-based practices. Participants can expect to be exposed to experiences that may stimulate their emotions and provide openings for self-disclosure.

The spiritual component of the program focuses on mindfulness, inner peace and compassion. Accessing the individual’s inner wisdom and creative intelligence are core goals of the courses.

Online Certificate & Diploma Courses

Our courses provide a solid theoretical and ethical base upon which to practice as an Art Therapist.

Deborah Devaal
Practising Artist

James Martin
Social Work and Creative Arts Coordinator

Alix Bilton
Registered Psychologist, Art Therapist
RAAF Reservist (Psychologist)

Course Content

What’s Covered in the Certificate and Diploma Courses?

The online Certificate Course and Diploma Course are qualifications for people who work, or wish to work, in a professional capacity in the field of art therapy. The courses are highly experiential, academically rigorous and practice oriented. They provide a solid theoretical and ethical base upon which to practise as an Art Therapist.

The course is suitable for people from a wide variety of professional backgrounds who require greater competency in the skill, knowledge and methodology of counselling as well as the practical application of art therapy.

The student experience is divided into three integrated but distinctive areas:


Based on an eclectic yet integrated framework, theory includes interventions from an analytical, psycho-dynamic, cognitive behavioural, humanistic, family systems, and contemplative perspective.


The workshops involve experiential learning about the therapeutic relationship and group processes giving the participant an ability to reflect both on the self and the dynamics of the group, as well as to situate learning in a personal and career context.


There will be opportunities to demonstrate how well modules are understood and put into practice what has been learned.

Here are the modules you will be studying…

  • Introduction Module

    Histories, Positive Psychology and Strengths Based Art Therapy: Uncover Inner Resources

To successfully graduate, students are also required to complete an essay task in the Certificate Course and an oral exam in the Diploma Course. This will enable us to assess if all the components have been well understood and integrated. We are understanding and sympathetic to students who struggle with exam anxiety. We will make the task interesting, enjoyable and achievable for you.


Participants who satisfactorily complete all the course modules will receive a Certificate and a Diploma from the College for Educational and Clinical Art Therapy.

Find out more about accreditation and recognition for Certificate and Diploma Courses.

Note: This course does not offer personal therapy and is not a formal degree.

Admission Criteria

For all courses, you should be over 21 years of age and have some training or experience in psychological theory or practice (paid or voluntary), such as counselling, welfare, social work, occupational therapy, nursing, medical practice or teaching. Participation in the 2-Day Introductory Intensive is highly recommended before enrolling in the certified one-year training program.

There is no requirement for prior skills in art or psychotherapy.


Equal Opportunities Practices and Culturally Diverse Groups

CECAT has a strong commitment to Equal Opportunity Practices. CECAT respects members from culturally diverse backgrounds and encourages participation in the program.

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