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"Studying with CECAT has given me the skills and confidence to get out there and start my own practice. I knew the moment I began the art therapy course that it would be life changing. The skills I gained have given me the confidence to quit my job as a teacher and become an art therapist full-time!"
Julie Nicholson, Teacher

"I enjoyed this course very much and was delighted to discover your talent, intuition and expertise as an art therapist"
Elise Wynyard, Artist

"Art therapy is not just about using art to help you work more effectively with clients but it also allows you to get a greater understanding of yourself in the process"
Lisa Spencer, Psychologist

"Most enjoyable, empowering, confronting and challenging at times; professionally organised and delivered"
Lynn Banna, Paediatrician

"Art therapy is an amazing journey of discovery, creativity and growth. As an occupational therapist I am energized by a therapeutic tool that is fun, versatile and meaningful, that can be used in a variety of settings with clients of all ages, life experiences and needs"
Jess Westcott, Occupational Therapist

"This course has enabled me to much more fully understand the profound impact that art therapy can offer in the therapeutic process, particularly how the visual image can assist children to tell their story, and how exploration of the picture can reflect inner meaning"
Jane Mosco, School Counsellor

"At the time of starting this art therapy course, I had for a long time found it difficult to paint, draw or do any creative endeavour. By the end of the training, I was painting and planning to give painting more space in my life"
Sheila Smith, Aboriginal Artist

"This course has reminded me of the joy in my life. It has touched me on a very deep level. I did not expect this outcome. I feel more in tune with the real me"
Allison Pennings, Registered Nurse (Acute Mental Health)

"Eye opening, challenging, hopeful - Re-united me with my creative self in a very safe way."
Ruth Kreamer, Social Worker

"Rob is dynamic and passionate about Art Therapy and he teaches in this manner. I have loved every minute of this course."
Jo Yates, Drug and Alcohol Counsellor

"The course was exciting and engaging throughout. It would be great to see Art Therapy in every day practice."
Cynthia Parker, Psychiatrist

Centre for Education and Clinical Art Therapy
Centre for Education and Clinical Art Therapy

Centre for Educational and Clinical Art Therapy


We offer you a world of possibilities:
- Study on Campus - Face-to-face art therapy courses in Newcastle (Australia)
- Study by Distance Education/Online - Online art therapy courses available worldwide

Only three universities offer an extensive Art Therapy program in Australia: Sydney NSW; Melbourne VIC; and Brisbane QLD. In many other countries the program isn't offered at all. The Centre for Educational and Clinical Art Therapy (CECAT) is committed to the training and development of art therapy around Australia and worldwide. Our Newcastle and Distance Education Art Therapy Courses presents a solid foundation for those people who may not be able to study at a University.

With a flexible and engaging style, CECAT's art therapy training courses and workshops provide explanations of theory; demonstrations of techniques; and practical experiences. The use of experiential methods support an in depth learning process.

What Is Art Therapy?

Art Therapy is an evidence-based intervention developed in the mid 1940s for the management of mental health disorders in both adults and children. It is widely used in Europe and the United States, but in Australia the practice of art therapy is still in its early stages.

Art therapy encourages self-discovery and emotional growth. Evolving from Freud and Jung's theories of the unconscious, art therapy is based on the belief that visual symbols and images (as in dreams), are the most accessible and natural form of communicating to the human experience. Clients are encouraged to visualise, and create, a representation of thoughts and emotions that they may not otherwise be able to articulate.

Art therapists assist people to access their own image-making abilities. They do this by jointly exploring the meaning of their images in light of the relationships and personal experiences they have encountered which may be distressing or nurturing. The art therapist's great advantage is being able to facilitate the client's expression of their inner world that they may find difficult to verbalise.

The art therapist supports the processes of emotional integration and growth by providing a safe, reliable and therapeutic environment within which the client can create and use images to develop insight and achieve personal change.

Acknowledgement of Country

The Centre for Educational and Clinical Art Therapy (CECAT) respectfully acknowledges the traditional owners of the land on which CECAT is situated, and pays respect to elders both past and present of the Worimi Peoples. As we share our own knowledge, teaching, learning and research practices within CECAT may we also pay respect to the knowledge embedded forever within the Aboriginal Custodianship of Country.

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