Online Art Therapy Courses in Your Own Language!

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For many years now, we have served students from all around the world, offering a first-class education program in art therapy. To date, however, our Introduction, Certificate and Diploma course material has been available in English only.

While I’m based in Australia, I’ve not only served students from all over the world but I’ve personally taught art therapy in 36 different countries (and counting!). What’s more, I have a German-speaking background and a Spanish-speaking mother.

Now, most art therapy books and courses available online come entirely from English-speaking countries. Plus, they’re often designed merely to inform rather than to teach the student to practice art therapy—something that our course material seeks to address.

So, one of the things I’ve wanted to do for a long time is offer our popular courses in other languages.

And now, finally, we do!

Yes, we now offer our online art therapy courses in five languages: German, Spanish, Arabic, Hindi and Chinese.

This gives students the chance to study art therapy online in the comfort of their own homes, in the convenience of their routine and rhythms … and in their own language!

I am so excited to share this news with you and I invite you to explore the options below.

Online Art Therapy Courses: In Your Own Language

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We are considering offering our courses in more languages in the future. If you’d like us to consider your language, please get in touch and let us know.

Robert Gray, CECAT
Robert Gray
Director and Senior Lecturer at CECAT
Registered Art Therapist and Psychologist
MA A. Th., AThR; B. Soc. Sc. (Psych.) (Hons.), MAPS.; BA. Theol. (Hons), MA Theol.

A highly regarded art therapy lecturer from Germany, Robert Gray has become a much sought-after art therapy lecturer and practising art therapist in Australia. His unique approach spanning psychodynamic, humanistic, spiritual and cognitive behavioural frameworks has distinguished him as a thought leader who is frequently invited to present at conferences in Australia and abroad.

Trained overseas and multilingual, German-born Robert shares the benefits of his international affiliations and access to cutting-edge research published in various languages with his students and readers. Robert is a professional member of the Australian and New Zealand Arts Therapy Association (ANZATA) and the Australian Psychological Society (APS).